Advancing Solar in Connecticut

Our mission is to advance solar in Connecticut to benefit the people of the State through local jobs, increased economic activity, a healthy environment and a resilient, sustainable electric grid.

Senate Bill 176 Update:

SB 176 is now out of committee but there is still work to do. Please contact your state legislators and let them know how important local solar is to you and encourage them to support SB 176.

Find your legislator’s contact information here: Legislative Directory – CTLCV

Connecticut has set ambitious goals for addressing climate change, including a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 and a zero-carbon grid by 2040. Solar will play a significant role in meeting these goals. Unfortunately, outdated and unnecessary regulations currently prevent commercial and community solar from playing the role it can. Join us in unleashing the potential of solar in the state.

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