Coalition for Sensible Solar Regulation

Fact Sheet


Resources To Better Understand the Value of Local Solar

A Study from Vibrant Clean Energy on the Value of Distributed Energy Resources

Why Local Solar For All Costs Less: A  New Roadmap for the Lowest Cost Grid

A 27 minute Volts podcast episode with accompanying article

Rooftop solar and home batteries make a clean grid vastly more affordable – Distributed energy is not an alternative to big power plants, but a complement

Karl Rabago, one of the study authors, speaks about the study

The critical role of local solar in achieving 80% clean electricity by 2030

Article about the results of applying the VCE model specifically to the state of New York.

Expanding Local Clean Energy Could Save New York $28 Billion by 2050

A Plan for Economy-wide Decarbonization of the U.S.

Presentation: Unleashing the Potential of Commerical Solar in CT